Untitled Video 46

by Gabriel

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released March 12, 2017

Songs: Spencer Jordan, Nik Clay
Production: Tim Lindsay, Nik Clay
Art: Tasha Baudin, Nik Clay, Spencer Jordan



all rights reserved


Gabriel Petaluma, California

Spencer Jordan
Brett Hanley
Will Gherman
Nik Clay
Dylan Johnson (not pictured)
Cody Johnson (not pictured)

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Track Name: Untitled Video 46
Don't come home tonight
theres nobody waiting there for you
i prefer to lock the doors and leave rather than catch you

O child of mine you've poisoned your mind
we're drunk all the time our lives are amiss
hit yourself again, your bruises stained violet
the bleak sky at dawn

you seemed unfamiliar
he never knew your name
i guess its just word of mouth again

but i'd like to know the words to your songs
i'd like to know what i did wrong
i'd like to sing and hear you respond
i'd like to relate to you again

don't worry this song is ending soon
don't worry were all dying soon
Track Name: 6 Small Rooms
The party's finally over
you can get some rest
lying prostrate on a yoga mat
no more gashes left to get

guess you were a good boy
after all

my hangovers down
guess we can make amends
in my wildest dreams I never imagined
that I'd have these regrets

cause you were a good boy
after all
seeing good boys (goodbye)
after all